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Welcome to TopET.com! We're sure you're excited to get going but first we need to get a little info about yourself...

Before you can join a group or set up your rides, you'll need to enter a little about yourself.

We will need your First Name, Last Name and E-mail Address at a minimum. This information will be used to help the group moderators verify your runs and, depending on the group settings, may be used to on the site when your runs are displayed. If you'd like to enter a little more to let your fellow racers know more about yourself you will have the opportunity after your account has been created.

Great! Now that your personal info has been added, let's move on to your ride! next
Now that that's out of the way... Let's talk about your vehicle!

That's all we need! You can add even more information later on through your vehicle's details section.
You're all set! Now let's get racing!Take me to my page!